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LC19-39A Problems in Familiar & Unfamiliar Contexts 3 (Junior Cycle)

Problems in Familiar and Unfamiliar Contexts 3. (for Junior Cycle Mathematics Teachers.)

A one day course with Tony Hayes aimed at Junior Certificate Mathematics Teachers who wish to engage with the solving of problems in familiar and unfamiliar contexts.

This is a follow up to Problems in Familiar and Unfamiliar Contexts 1 and 2.

However attendance at Problems in Familiar and Unfamiliar Contexts 1 and / or 2 is not a prerequisite for attendance at Problems in Familiar and Unfamiliar Contexts 3.

Section 4 of “Specification for Junior Cycle Mathematics” makes reference to the fact theMathematics Specification builds on students’ prior learning and focuses on developing increasinglysophisticated and refined mathematical understanding, fluency, reasoning, computational thinking and problem solving.

The document goes on to state in Section 10 that “Students should be able to engage in tasks in which the solution is not immediately obvious, in familiar and unfamiliar contexts.

This one day course aims at providing teachers of Junior Cycle Mathematics with a bank of questions which will aid them in achieving this goal.

The questions provided:

 Range across the four strands of the Junior Cycle Specification.
 Range across the three years of the Junior Cycle.
 Allow students engage in tasks for which the solutions are not immediately obvious. Are suitable for a wide range of abilities.
 Can be scaffolded to cater for differentiated learning.
 Can be solved by a variety of approaches and methods.
 Link material from a number of strands.
 Can be used to introduce and develop other concepts.

There will be ample opportunity for participants to engage with the material by working through examples and discussing the solutions and there will be full worked solutions to many of the examples.

A PDF version of the presentation will be made available to all participants via email on completion of the course.

While this course is primarily directed at Junior Cycle Mathematics Teachers it would be of interest and benefit to Mathematics teachers at all levels.

Lunch will be provided

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 23-11-2019 9:30 am
Course End Date / Time 23-11-2019 4:30 pm
Cut off date 21-11-2019 3:00 pm
Fee Free
Location Athlone Education Centre

Sorry, the event is now full and we could not accept more registration

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