Speech, Language & Communication Skills Course

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Speech, Language & Communication Skills Course


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Speech, Language & Communication Skills Course for Primary Teachers of Junior Classes & Teachers of SEN: A series of 6 webinars will commence next Monday September 21st at 7p.m. Limited to 15 places. 

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Rescheduled LC20-143A Self Care for Principals in Challenging Times

Rescheduled LC20-143A Self Care for Principals in Challenging Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected countries, communities and people globally in unprecedented and unexpected ways.  Now we are faced with the next challenge of living alongside the COVID-19 virus, while resuming, education activities that for the past few months have been paused or based remotely. This will require additional awareness, innovation, teamwork and problem solving - all on top of the normal challenges of running a busy school and dealing with the needs of students, parents and staff.   

We can consistently run a strong and thriving team and school - if we ourselves are thriving.  Overworking and exhaustion does not pave the way for sustainable success.   When people are burned out, potential and output is eroded.  In these times of unprecedented challenge, change and uncertainty, more than ever we need to take good care of ourselves so that we can recharge our batteries in our down time so we can be at our best at work and in our lives.  

Calodagh McCumiskey, an accredited thought leader in wellbeing, and Director of Spiritual Earth (www.spiritualearth.com) will deliver the session.  

The session will cover: 

·       What is wellbeing? And what wellbeing means to me?

·       The growth equation 

·       How to avoid burnout.  

·       Insights and practices to help you effectively manage stress and relax

·       Dealing with Emotional Contagion 

·       Communications in Challenging Times 

·       How to Switch Off 

·       Personal Self-care action plan 


Course Start Date / Time: 06-10-2020 7:00 pm





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