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NCCA focus group in Athlone Education Support Centre March 13th 3.45p.m.-5.15p.m.

NCCA focus group in Athlone Education Support Centre

As part of the redevelopment of the Primary School Curriculum, NCCA will consult on draft primary curriculum specifications in Arts Education; Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) in the Primary Language Curriculum; Social and Environmental Education (SEE); Science, Technology and Engineering (STE); and Wellbeing, from March 6th – June 7th 2024.

As part of the consultation, NCCA will host in-person and online focus groups for teachers and school leaders. The first of these focus groups will take place in Athlone Education Centre on March 13th from 3.45pm-5.15pm. Registration for this event is now open at the following link:  

For more information on all the in-person and online focus group events, please visit the NCCA consultation webpage.focus-group-f.png